26 Minutes

In November 2009, I started the 26-Minute Memoir Project and sent out an open invitation for 26-Minute Memoirs to be posted on my blog. The idea for the project came from a dream.  When I woke up, I wrote– “instructed” by the dream–for 26 minutes. And, the result was a raw and compelling piece of writing that had my voice in it, more so than pieces I’d edited and sculpted.  I figured I was onto something, so I gave my students the 26 minute assignment.  The pieces were amazing.

You can read examples of 26-Minute Memoirs others have written by visiting the category 26 Minutes. I invite you too to write and 26-Minute Memoir and send it to me.   Here’s what you need to do:

1. Get yourself set up to write.

2. Set a timer for 26 minutes.

3. Start writing with the idea in mind that you are creating a self-portrait.

4. Stop writing when the timer goes off.

5. Don’t edit (and neither will I).  Just send it to me at theonestor@yahoo.com. If you’re under 18, please write the word YOUTH in the subject line.

It’s an act of faith, but the results are remarkable. Try it. You’ll see.