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Writing About the Dead

One of the trickiest parts of writing memoir is, of course, writing about other people.  It’s one thing to tell your own story; it’s another to drag others into it. But, as anyone who’s written memoir knows, it’s impossible to … Continue reading

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To Go or Not to Go: Tackling the Existential Writers’ Conference Question

It’s that time of the year when the question of summer plans begins to be real.  And for writers, often that means deciding whether or not to apply for a writers’ conference or residency. I’ve never done a residency–unless you … Continue reading

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Frank, Crank City, and the art of telling the truth

One of the most genuinely fatiguing aspects of teaching memoir in the post-James Frey era is the topic of Telling the Truth in a Memoir. The conversation is inevitable, and, of course, necessary, but it is also tiresome in its … Continue reading

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A Gift (real, not metaphorical) from Frank McCourt

In the cozy, faux-intimacy that is a writers’ conference, Frank quickly became a central figure in my world that week in the summer of 2003. There were several things that led me to feel like I knew Frank better than … Continue reading

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More Lessons from My Week with Frank McCourt

Returning to the premise that writing is my drink and that my literary thirst is a legacy of my parents’ thirst for something stronger, let’s just say I was on a bender the summer of 2003, the summer I was … Continue reading

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What Frank McCourt Taught Me…and Alienated Youth Part Huit

One of the lucky experiences I’ve had as a writer was getting to take a class from Frank McCourt, and as busy and sought after as the man was (he was writing Teacher Man at that time), he made time … Continue reading

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