Just Start Something. Anything.

File under: Things that start from tiny, tiny seeds (metaphor obvious and intended).

Veggies grown by my friends, Daniel and Michael. File under: Things that start from tiny, tiny seeds (metaphor obvious and intended).

The 26-Minute Memoir Project started as a dream. I woke up from the dream and wrote for 26 minutes, trying to capture the essence of my life. That was five years ago–before I started the blog Writing Is My Drink and long before the blog evolved into the book. Today, readers around the globe send me their 26-Minute Memoirs. They like writing them! Readers like reading them!

I could have just gone back to sleep, pushing the idea aside–as I’ve done many, many times when an idea has come to me. But that time, I followed up on the idea.  I turned on the light. I started something not knowing where it would lead or even that it was, in fact, “something.”

So my advice to you? Just take a small step toward any creative project today. If you don’t like the thing later, you can stop taking those steps. But if you take that first small step, your project might grow in a way that you can’t anticipate today. But you can’t know this unless…………..unless you take that first step.

And believe me, I understand inertia and negativity and passivity and paralysis. I can delay getting started on activities I supposedly love for days and days. I can delay for weeks! But, then somehow prompted by a dream or desperation or a friend or some bit of magic or a song, I start. And after I start, I usually–not always–feel better. You know, like that Life’s Worth Living feeling. Just that.

We just have to keep getting started. We just have to.

About Theo Pauline Nestor

Author of Writing Is My Drink (Simon & Schuster) and How to Sleep Alone in a King-Size Bed. Learn more about my courses, editing, and coaching at TheoNestor.com.
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9 Responses to Just Start Something. Anything.

  1. jodyamato954 says:

    Thanks Theo! Just the gentle nudge I needed!

  2. hbksloss says:

    That’s it! I’m signing up for the mosaic class I’ve been wanting to take! No more hesitating.

  3. jessiepbraun says:

    Thanks Theo, needed this reminder today!

  4. janchild says:

    Perfect, Theo! Thank you so much. I’ve decided to work on my bite-sized pieces with an early Nanowrimo month, starting today. 🙂

  5. Rebecca Huntley says:

    I’m loving our last two lines: “We just have to keep getting started. We just have to.”
    I’ve put them on a sticky note on my desk.
    Thank you, for validating my entire life of starting over.

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