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This week I had the pleasure to interview my dear friend and new author, Natalie Singer, on the publication of her new memoir, California Calling, a gorgeous coming-of-age story that takes a hard look at what it means to grow up … Continue reading

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What I Learned About Life and Writing Onstage with Cheryl Strayed

A few weeks ago I did an onstage conversation with Cheryl Strayed here in Seattle about her new book, Brave Enough, a collection of quotes that yield up her trademark no-nonsense wisdom. The entire experience was a Dear Sugar Boot … Continue reading

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Divorce Is The Worst

Divorce Is The Worst is the book you should bravely buy for your divorcing friend. You could leave it in your friend’s car after you go out for tea with him. You could go by her house with a casserole … Continue reading

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Drink Interviews Lisa Dale Norton, Author of SHIMMERING IMAGES

Hi Readers, I’m handing in Writing Is My Drink: A Field Guide to Finding Your Own Voice to my editor next week. Yay!  I’ll be excited to be back to posting here more once that deadline has passed. In 2008 … Continue reading

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Drink Interviews Laura Barcella, Editor of MADONNA & ME

Most women of a certain generation or two remember the time when their consciousness first lit upon Madonna. I was 23, an arrested development 23, a 23 year old floundering-for-a-future waitress when I first became aware of Madonna.  I immediately … Continue reading

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Interview with Naturi Thomas, author of HOW TO DIE IN PARIS

Can a book about being homeless and suicidal be poignant AND funny?  After reading Naturi Thomas’ memoir, HOW TO DIE IN PARIS, I would have to say the answer is yes.  Within a few pages of the book, the narrator’s … Continue reading

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Gretchen Roberts: A PT Writer Earning FT Pay

I have to say I am becoming more enamored with the idea of self-publication, especially when paired with publishing through more traditional routes to gain audience, credits, and (semi-)predictable pay.  And that is exactly what Gretchen Roberts, a freelance journalist … Continue reading

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An Interview with Tim Elhajj, Author of DOPEFIEND

About five years ago, Tim Elhajj was in one of my memoir classes through UW’s Professional and Continuing Education dept. We kept in touch through Facebook after that, and a few years ago I was really excited to read his … Continue reading

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Platform Envy? Here’s How Jen Singer Got Over All That

If you’ve recently started up a new friendship with a writer and you’d like to see it go South in like 1 minute, lean over your cup of coffee the next time the two of you get together and say, … Continue reading

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Author Gossip: Who’s Doing What Now

A writer’s life is a bit like a goalie’s: long stretches of nothing happening punctuated by a few moments of excitement tantamount to terror. I’ve been hearing about a great deal of excitement for the writers who’ve visited Writing is … Continue reading

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