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Hugo House:

Come to Seattle for a 3-Day Writing Intensive with Theo June 22-24, 2018!


How to Write a Personal Essay (That Stands a Chance) June 10, 2018




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13 Responses to Events & Classes

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  2. Dennie says:

    Come to Connecticut! Or New York!!!

  3. jessiepbraun says:

    Yes! If you come to New York…or Philly….or Boston….I will be there, too!!

  4. Theo Nestor says:

    It would be fun to meet you in real life, Jessie.

  5. TinaLBPorter says:

    If you come to Chicago, would love to attend!

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  7. Julie Chen says:

    Do you have any videos of your workshops I could

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  9. Anya Rehon says:

    Currently reading your book, Writing is my Drink. This is what I have needed to help propel me forward with my writing! If you came to Portland, Oregon, I would attend one of your workshops! Thank you.

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