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  1. canarymary says:

    Hi Theo,
    I am loving your memoir on divorce! I
    I WILL be attending tomorrow.
    I will be there with w/ a check at 8:30 -ish!

  2. Rosie Pearl says:

    Hi Theo,
    I am gaining so much from your book Writing is My Drink. I am a published author but your book is helping me find authenticity that I haven’t had until now. Just wanted you to know that lots of people would want to read your book about motherhood- light sleeper, don’t give up on it. If I were you I would put parts of it out on your blog and see what happens . I have a book I haven’t published even though 6 others were published and I still believe in it.

  3. Bonnie Keling says:

    Ms Nestor,
    Just read your bolg about Lynda Barry.
    Thank you!
    I have a 1970s T-shirt with one of her drawings on it, promoting a newspaper event. Trying to find someone who would cherish it as a collectible! Bonnie K

  4. mom2times says:

    Hi Ms. Nestor — I have been writing my blog for about two years and have been slowing venturing into submitting my work to different other venues (scary!!). I found Writing is My Drink at the library and read it in one sitting. It truly touched on all of my angst, hopes and fears about writing. I am looking forward to following your blog to keep myself inspired! Thanks!

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