Inspired by Taylor Swift: The Eras Writing Prompt

Taylor Swift at the State Farm Arena in Glendale, AZ March 18, 2023 (Eras Tour)

Last post I wrote about how Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour concert in Glendale last weekend made me think about the challenges of writing about our past selves. And that made me remember a writing prompt I created a while back called “The End of an Era” that you might like to try. You can do the whole thing start to finish in 35 minutes or do it in stages. Here’s how it goes:

Writing Prompt: The End of an Era

Step One: Divide your life into ten “eras” and label them. I’ve got an example below, but an era doesn’t have to be so obvious as the ones I’ve listed. It could be a phase when you were obsessed with knitting or held a certain belief about life.

Step Two: List a starting moment and ending moment for each era. The moment could have been invisible to everyone around you but it’s one you think of when you remember how the era began or ended.

Step Three: Give yourself 20 minutes to write a scene from this era.

That’s it! Want to do more prompts with me? I’m holding a generative writing class on April 2nd. Details below.

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