Memoir 101 Friend Discount Until May 17th

Planning on working on your memoir this summer? I’m 400x400 teleseminar without weird waterspots1offering a four-week teleseminar designed to help you advance your memoir project starting June 11th. Sign up with a friend before May 17th and you’ll each receive a fifty- dollar discount off the tuition cost.

In our four regular class meetings, I will discuss the process of clarifying the topic for your memoir, generating your material, developing your memoir’s narrative arc as well as numerous other memoir writing topics, such as scene development and the narrator as a memoir’s central consciousness. In an additional meeting, I will answer questions writers have about their individual projects.

Where do we meet?  We meet online and on the phone.

When do we meet? Our class meetings will be four consecutive Tuesdays: June 11th, June 18th, June 25th, and July 8th from 5:30 to 7:00pm PDT.  There will also be a one-hour Q and A session with me during which I will address individual memoir writing problems on Saturday June 22nd at 8am.  All meetings will be recorded so if you miss a meeting you can listen to it later.

Here’s the Course outline:

  • First meeting: Introduction to the memoir genre; understanding story structure and how to develop your memoir’s narrative arc.
  • Second meeting: The three narrative modes of memoir: Scene, Summary, and Musing; the essentials of scene writing; the use of time in a memoir.
  • Third meeting: Developing the emotional preoccupation of your memoir; creating a narrator and a narrative readers care about; developing the universal elements of your story by using elements of the hero’s journey to create a memoir that chronicles a transformation of the self.
  • Fourth meeting:  Finding your voice as a writer; letting your personality show up on the page; creating a narrator who serves as your story’s “central consciousness.”

Who’s the instructor?  Theo Pauline Nestor is an award-winning instructor and writer who has taught the memoir certificate program for the University of Washington’s Professional & Continuing Education program since 2006.  She is the author of How to Sleep Alone in a King-Size Bed: A Memoir of Starting Over and Writing Is My Drink: A Writer’s Story of Finding Her Voice (and a Guide to How You Can Too).

Want to learn more? Read more about the course and register on this page.

About Theo Pauline Nestor

Author of Writing Is My Drink (Simon & Schuster) and How to Sleep Alone in a King-Size Bed. Learn more about my courses, editing, and coaching at
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