Writing Is My Drink: The Book

Writing Is My Drink: A Field Guide to Finding Your Own Voice (Simon & Schuster) is a memoir of coming of age as a writer and coming into confidence as a, well, person.  It’s my story of the journey from Meek to Recovering Meek (we don’t inherit the Earth, but we get to speak up when someone elbows us out of our place in line). The book was inspired by the blog Writing Is My Drink and my memoir writing class at the University of Washington.  Writing Is My Drink combines my own stories of becoming a writer, writing advice, and (really helpful and not stupid) writing exercises. Writing Is My Drink will be in bookstores in 2013.  Until then, you can read previews here.

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5 Responses to Writing Is My Drink: The Book

  1. nataliebank says:

    Congratulations on finishing your book, Theo. Great title, too. Looking forward to buying a copy in 2013.


    Natalie Appleton

  2. Nona Goodman says:

    Me too. I want that book
    because writing is MY DRINK too. A day without writing would be (to me) like a day without water — or, fresh air — or food! I would not be able to live without writing… Period.

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