Jose Ismael’s 26-Minute Memoir

i am tall and bright for those that know me my imagination is over beyond good. everyone in my personal life world is just like those new creatures expanding outwards to me like a snake and a frog. the snakes are those that understand emotions of mine and some actually become mine etc. the frogs are those that just like to talk about random things about people and play around with you. mu world is happiness and commitment to the things i do everyday. every day i just wake up and brush my teeth get dressed do my hair and i eat breakfast but my breakfast isn’t like cereal and cookies  it’s just oatmeal and spinach which is very good for you. i head to school sometimes walking or i get drove there. I’m a very unusual person because i always want to do all the hard things first it’s better to do the harder things first than to do the easiest things that’s when you don’t achieve anything how you achieve things is by working very hard. i am and athlete i like to do lots of exercise regularly because that relaxes me and my whole mind my head. i love sports there my favorite thing to do. they make you a better person doing football and wrestling soccer basketball volley ball are all sports i like to do. for football and wrestling im on a team football has really changed my person my character and the way i see things. being on the football team is so fun its like like having a new family  and different family in  wrestling everyone cares for each other which is what i like but some don’t take it serious. when it comes to girls i don’t desrespect them or break there hearts it would’nt be nice at all. i just don’t like to see some in pain from others that have hurt them. i don’t like using nothing of it.i have good feelings for those thats say ” oh none will like me because im ugly” all girls don’t have to say that about themselves because there all beautiful  i just tell them to not say things about that because i have seen girls that look very ugly and then become every guys dream. but then there smart about it.  i have already had more than one person die in my family, my dad was first then my great grandma and then my moms dad died. the years after his death it is still a great memory of those great people. i like kids a lot i like to babysit them there so amazing. i hope i have kids one day.

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3 Responses to Jose Ismael’s 26-Minute Memoir

  1. jody says:

    If you are to be a successful writer, your sentences’ structures need to improve, as do your choice of subjects. Nothing was focused and succinct about this blog. there was not a theme, and I found it to be rambling and pointless.

  2. Theo Nestor says:

    The 26-Minute Memoirs are not necessarily written by people with literary aspirations. This is the one place on the Writing is My Drink blog where the writing is unedited and not written by me or by a guest blogger invited by me. The 26-Minute Memoir Experiment “rules” dictate that the writer only spend 26 minutes on the piece, which therefore eliminates time needed for editing. The motivation behind the experiment is to allow people an opportunity to do a timed writing and a venue for sharing that writing. Often timed writings–while imperfect–offer up a perfect expression of something that we can’t find in polished writings.

    Anyone of any skill level or background is invited to contribute. I reserve the right to not publish work that has inappropriate content.

    Thank you, Jose, for contributing, and thanks to all for reading Writing is My Drink and following the 26-Minute Memoir Experiment.

  3. Deirdre says:

    I found the Jose’s piece to be fascinating and liked how it brought me into his world, which like mine, is both ordinary and extraordinary. I appreciate the free write and how it gets one off the hook of editing and hand-wringing, just letting words fly, something we rarely get to do. Thanks for the 26 minute option to cut loose.

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