Stuart Egbert Jr’s 26-Minute Memoir

I was five on a hot summer day and my dad and I went to an amusement park. We got to go on a ride that went up,down,sideways,backwards, and it felt like i was in a hurricane. I was wearing my favorite hat in the whole wide world. it was blue and gold and had a red thread sticking out about an inch. My dad said ” hold on ” and all of a sudden it was like a giant robot picked up the ride and started shaking it up,down, and every way you could imagine. My little hat fell of my head and I thought I lost it forever. we got off the ride and we couldn’t find it. So my dad felt real bad. We went and got some cotton candy and then went on some more rides. It started getting late and my dad said ” Its getting dark, we should go home. ” I said ” OK, ” but I still wanted my hat back. We were about to leave and all of a sudden this nice lady came running down the walkway tho the gate were you leave. She started shouting, and as i turned around I saw it, I saw my little hat. I thought i lost it forever. The lady gave me my hat and bought me some ice cream because she saw i was crying. Me and my dad thanked her and then we left to go home. When we got home it was time for bed. I had to go to bed and my dad went and sat down and had a beer. After he got done drinking his beer, he came and tucked me into bed. I went to sleep with my little hat on that night. The next morning my dad and i went to a carnival and this time i left my little hat at home. We rode the Ferris Wheel and the Kamikaze. We went and played some games and I won. I got to chose my prize and I chose a new little hat.

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2 Responses to Stuart Egbert Jr’s 26-Minute Memoir

  1. Stuart Egbert, what a delightful story! It just brought me out of my funk and all day I will be thinking about your lost cap while I try to remember what I did when I was 5 years old! Thank you!

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