Join Us at Bird by Bird & Beyond with Anne Lamott

January 18, 2014. Petaluma, CA

Anne Lamott (Credit Sam Lamott) - CopyBird by Bird & Beyond will be a day focused on building storytelling skills and work strategies for writers and others interested in personal narrative. This event is open to everyone. No previous writing experience required.

In the morning Theo Pauline Nestor, Candace Walsh, and Tanya Taylor Rubinstein will teach a series of classes in the three most popular genres of personal narrative: Memoir, Essay, and Solo Performance. The classes’ primary focus will be on concrete techniques that build a story up and hold it together; the secondary focus will be on understanding and developing our own individual styles of work and developing strategies that get us to the work and keep us there.

After lunch and an on-stage interview with Nestor, Anne Lamott will give her talk “Almost Every Single Thing I Know About Writing,” during which she’ll share with us not only how she does what she does so well but also “why writing might be a matter of life and death” and the beloved topics of “messes,” “hysteria,” and “despair.” The talk will be followed by a Q &A session and a book signing.

See a complete schedule of the day’s events here.

To Register, click on the orange Eventbrite button.

Holiday Discount Tickets now on sale for $295.00 (includes lunch)

Eventbrite - Bird by Bird & Beyond: Building Your Storytelling Skill Set

Bird by Bird & Beyond is a Theo Nestor Productions event. Theo Nestor Productions produces events for writers that focus on craft, community, and inspiration such as Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat with Cheryl Strayed and Black Mesa Writers’ Intensive with Julia Cameron and Natalie Goldberg.

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein

Tanya Taylor Rubinstein


Theo Pauline Nestor

Candace Walsh

Candace Walsh

sonoma sheraton

STAY AND PLAY: Bird by Bird and Beyond participants who book rooms by December 18, 2013 will receive a special rate of 149.00 a night (two doubles or a king) at the Sonoma Sheraton.  Mention Theo Nestor Productions when you make the reservation at 1-888-627-8458. Make your reservations as early as possible to ensure availability as this event is on Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. NAMW_AffiliatesBanner5

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Official bookseller of Bird by Bird and Beyond

Official bookseller of Bird by Bird and Beyond

46 Responses to Join Us at Bird by Bird & Beyond with Anne Lamott

  1. Jan Ostrom says:

    Are there any scholarships available?

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  9. Patricia Blakesslee says:

    How about a contest to win a ticket???!!! Oh please, please, please!!! :)

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  11. Heidi Weiland says:

    Blessings to you all for creating this event. If I had known earlier, I would have saved for months to be able to join in this amazing day. I trust that everyone who fully participates will grow exponentially and share their experiences with the rest of us. Enjoy.

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  13. Pamela Cobb says:

    I posted a question a few days ago and wonder if you could reply to my email address? Pam Cobb Thank you.

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  17. Arbcus says:

    I posted a question a few days ago asking if someone would like to do the “bring a friend” and I don’t see the post, is the offer still valid? If the offer is still valid would someone like to come along as a friend and split the cost?

  18. Arbcus says:

    Just realized my email address was not entered correctly. Below is the correct email address

  19. says:

    Will there be other similar events in the future, either in California or other western states? I live in Idaho and would love to have the opportunity to learn from Anne Lamott and the others!

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