author-photo-1Hi, I’m Theo Pauline Nestor, host of the Writing Is My Drink blog. I’m the author of Writing Is My Drink: A Writer’s Story of Finding Her Voice (And a Guide to How You Can Too) (Simon & Schuster, 2013) and How to Sleep Alone in a King-Size Bed: A Memoir of Starting Over (Crown, 2008). I teach at the University of Washington and at Hugo House in Seattle. I’ve produced unique events for writers that focus on craft, inspiration, and community and feature speakers such as Anne Lamott, Cheryl Strayed, Julia Cameron, and Natalie Goldberg. I’ve also taught webinars such as Memoir Essentials, Writing Is My Drink, and How to Write a Modern Love (That Stands a Chance).

Details regarding purchasing recordings as well as information about my coaching here. You can follow me on Twitter @theopnestor and on Facebook here. Read some of my essays in the New York Times, The Establishment, The Rumpus, New Mexico, Parent Map, and the Seattle Globalist. Check out my online portfolio on Contently.

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  1. Kendra Kennedy says:

    I am really looking forward to reading your book and hopefully being able to attend one of your seminars. Best wishes. K. Kennedy

  2. LindseyRuby says:

    You are in my tribe. Thank you!

  3. shannon says:

    Just found your book (writing is my drink) at the local bookstore. Ran over to the coffee house to read. I’m on page 30 and I’ve laughed and cried a few times already. Thanks for writing this book!

  4. marianbeaman says:

    I participated in the teleseminar sponsored by the National Memoir Writer’s Assn. today. Thank you for being “real” and so very practical.

  5. Elisa Johnston says:

    I devoured the book over the weekend, often responding to the “Try This” exercises as I went, filling the margins, writing more freely than I dreamed possible. Now, I’m re-reading it and and my notes. Freeing and mobilizing. Thank you.

  6. Addie says:

    Will look for your book.

  7. sheree says:

    Your honest words will quench many a thirsty writer`s soul. My new favourite book on writing. Drunk it deeply, now deeply drunk. Thank you so much — uncovery never ends. Generous, Wise, Useful.

  8. I love Anne Lamott. I saw her speak back in 2011 (I think?) at Seattle University. Life changing. Best of luck for an awesome event.

  9. I finished your book yesterday, reading into the wee hours of the morn. I must have highlighted half of it on my Kindle. I’m so excited to try the exercises. And I feel I’ve finally received the okay to write how I write. Thank you for your life-changing (my prediction) book. Happiest of new years to you!

  10. Meagan says:

    Just ordered your book – can’t wait to receive it & start reading & learning. Next step – attend Bird by Bird & Beyond – hopefully! – praying for all necessary arrangements & income to allow me to get away – love, love, love Anne Lammott & looking forward to learning from all of you lovely ladies!

  11. charlieshae says:

    Just finished reading your book, “Writing is my drink”. Fabulous. It’s writers like you who inspire me to write.

  12. Linda Tharp says:

    You’re inspiring. Just finished “Writing is My Drink,” and I’ve got folded page corners reminding me how to be brave. Now it’s time to have a Frank McCourt conversation with myself and “wave my hand between our knees,” dive deeper, and pretend my mom won’t be reading it. Wish me luck!

  13. Pat says:

    Theo; Tried to save you time by cutting & pasting the link to my own blog post about your terrific book. For some reason, even though my hosting site is also blogger/blogspot, the specific post won’t come up highlighted (see below) for easy clicking. So I hope you’ll take a moment to cut & paste it into your own browser, read it (it’s just a few short paragraphs) and then give me some feedback either via e-mail or as a comment on blogger. You’re only the third author (after Amy Bloom (“Away”) and Nina Sankovitch (“Tolstoy and the Purple Chair”) I’ve ever sent something to, although I’ve started similar communications to many others over the years. Your book made me believe you’d be kind enough to read something an aspiring author sent to you. Thanks. Pat


  14. Theo Nestor says:

    Pat, Thank you for the lovely post. I’m so glad your library had a copy of Writing Is My Drink and that my words have inspired you.

  15. Bj Haugen says:

    Oh my goodness Theo! I feel like a little girl in the candy store!! There are so many “treats” in your website that its hard to know which one to taste first…..so I’m taking a deep breath closing my eyes and pointing … thAnk yo u so very much for your sharing….I’m reading your book and I feel you are speaking to me.personally….Hugs!

  16. Charlene Anne Lutes, Ph.D. says:

    I am about 3/4 of the way through your book, Theo, and I love it. In fact it is my turn to lead our writing group next month, and I am going to share it with seven other women who have been together for two years now writing every month. Thanks for a great read and a great help! Love it. Charlene

  17. Your book fell off the shelf at me in B & N. It had been waiting for me to find it. I have well over 100 books on writing trying to teach myself. Writing for others to see is harder than I ever imagined. Your book is so much more helpful than most as you get to the emotional barricades of writing.I lose interest in many books about one third the way in but yours had me captivated all the way through. I’ve tabbed the exercises to I can do them over and over. Love the 26 minute exercise. Thanks for putting it all out there for us. I’ve read All of Julia Cameron, Natalie Goldberg, Anne Lamott, etc.Now I want to get a copy of your Memoir. I divorced at 62 and love/hate being alone. Now I’m going to read your blog. Blogging has been a lifesaver for me. Without the ability to write even the drivel of my day, I would not have survived. Your book is wonderful. I’m going to post on it soon.

  18. Rachel Maree says:

    I am looking forward to reading your book! I have recently started writing a novel, and look forward to writing many more! Thanks for all the advice!

  19. David Candy says:

    Hi Pauline
    Here in the cool crisp but sunny beach at Willow point I picked up your book
    I when through it like nothing with little distractions and enjoyed it a lot .
    The flow and pacing perfect your voice clear and real
    Fun !
    So many good reflections and understandings
    I learn a great deal , a real power house of good ideas
    Even for those of us that are not writers
    It is wise and clear picture of your journey
    What’s next?
    I think it could be big
    Dave C.

    • Theo Nestor says:

      David! I love the idea of you reading Writing Is My Drink at Willow Point! I love that little house with a big heart. I’m so glad you like the book. I’m not sure what’s next, but I hope it’s big. I’m writing about fear right now and how it drives us. I think my next project might evolve from that. So so nice to see you again. I hope I get you to see you at my house soon. Love to you, Pauline xo

  20. Kalimelo says:

    I just have a sip of this nectar, I can’nt wait for the book I ordred, like said before, it’s a great melisime.

  21. Andrea says:

    I saw your book unexpectedly at my daughter’s university bookstore here in Ontario. I have been absorbed in the chapters each night, hoping I don’t finish it too quickly! I have never been hooked into nonfiction reading like this before. I love the way you weave your reflections, advice and the stories of your life together.

    I read the Learning to Work essay you have posted here, but have not been successful in locating your own first published essay, Women Like That, Like Us in magazine archive. After reading how you finally wrote that piece, I would really like to read it. Could you tell us how we can obtain a copy?

    • Theo Nestor says:

      So nice to hear where readers are finding my book. Thanks, Andrea. The essay “Women Like That, Like Us” was published in Brain, Child magazine in 2000 in the print magazine. Later it was reprinted in an anthology of Brain, Child’s “greatest hits,” which I just searched for online but couldn’t find. Thanks for your interest! Theo

  22. Kristen T. says:

    I just finished your book and I love it. A lot of the feelings you expressed in “writing is my drink” really hit home for me. You have given me courage to persue writing something I have struggled with for a long time. I am definitely a fan of yours now, so now you have one more supporter. Keep writing, it’s your gift.

  23. I read non-fiction books 75% of the way. I don’t know why. Must be some weird ‘fear of finishing’ thing. I drank your book down to the very last drop. It’s all scribbled in and underlined . . you gave so freely and so deeply, and have inspired me beyond measure.
    Thank you, from the bottom of my toes.


  24. Kathleen Ely says:

    Ms. Nestor – I have just finished reading Writing is my Drink for the third time. Every time I read it, I am inspired, entertained and blessed. There are few books like yours that nail the feelings of a writer – the good, bad and the ugly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having the nerve, persistence and the knowledge to want to pass on your thoughts and ideas to the rest of us.

  25. Rosie Pearl says:

    This is the first book for writers that was a help. I’ve written lots of self help things but now I decided I want to write happy easy to read short stories. I began your book on Sunday night and spent four hours in the library the last two days writing a short story and a poem about my mother passed away 2 years ago. It starts like this: Mother a piece of me; Didn’t know how much you were a piece of me; So busy relating to you that I didnt realize ; the soul part -the real you; the soul part of you that is in me, Thank you!

    • Theo Nestor says:

      I thank you, Rosie, and I thank our libraries! I can’t tell you how many readers have found my book in the library or had a librarian recommend the book to them. I’m so glad you are writing.That’s why I wrote the book!

  26. Nina says:

    Your book found me when I was numb from binging on How to Write books. Though I’m a published journalist and author I kept searching for the secret formula to writing the book I couldn’t finish. Writing a million words, taking on and off-line writing workshops have inched me no closer to finishing. It was time to give up and accept the fact if I was ever going to finish a novel, I would have by now. On the afternoon I realized I could give up the idea of writing a novel and be happy or at least guilt free, I walked past a pile of books with yours on top. Thank God!

    I’m only a third of the way through your book. I keep putting it down and sighing with gratitude. You understand how paralyzing writing can be. Your book is thawing me out, chapter by chapter. Thank you Theo.

    I have a question. Though I’ve tried to locate the info you mention is in a previous chapter on “clustering” , I can’t find it. Can you help?

    Your Toronto fan,

    • Theo Nestor says:

      Hi Nina,
      I’m so glad my book found you. I’m not quite sure what you mean about clustering, but I’m guessing I talked about it in the chapter “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Schema Theory” in the section on the triptych. Clustering is also known as “mind mapping,” and if you Google that term, you’ll find examples of the process.
      Thanks for reading my book!

  27. Kit says:

    Hi Theo,

    I had to tell you in writing how much I loved your book. Who knew a book on writing could be so compulsively readable? It’s as hilarious as it is wise and reassuring. I’m thrilled that I pushed myself to take your class.

    Thank you!


  28. Hi Theo, I just finished reading through, Writing Is My Drink. Thank you. It is exactly what I needed to read now. I’m going to begin going through it again and this time working the writing exercises. I look forward to the adventures that will happen inside and out even knowing they won’t all be easy but they will be worth it.

    May your words tumble and flow to the page.

    Morgan Dragonwillow
    Read, Dance, Write, Repeat.

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